The Lords of Winter

GM Recap - Opening Ceremonies and the Welcoming Feast

Game time: Sunday, January 30th

You began still in the clearing of the kingswood. Ser Joris stripped The Fox Knight of his armor, weapons and head. You all headed back to the Green Tree Inn when Erik decided he wanted to “turn in” for the night at the Jade Spring next door. You met a couple of new characters in the main room of the Green TreeMarita Lugus, sister of Ser Naton and Orten and a Ser Gennady Shanin from Dorne.

In the morning the Maester convinced Gregor to let him have the phial with the drop of colorless liquid in it and Lassen headed off to the Maester’s Conclave. Along the way he encountered a young boy that claimed to be his son with a letter stating so from his dead mother. The boy followed but Lassen carried on towards the Conclave. Once there, Lassen spoke with Maester Luwin of House Stark and then headed off to the laboratory where he met an acolyte named Denys. After some bargaining, Denys agreed to run a toxicology screen on the liquid in the phial in exchange for a letter from Lassen stating that Denys would be installed as the Maester for House Ignatius. Lassen took a shortcut back to the tourney greens and was roughed up a bit by some poorly-armed footpads.

Meanwhile, Ser Joris headed off to the Tower of the Hand to claim a handsome reward for killing an enemy of the Crown. He then met up with Gregor at the tourney greens where festivities were beginning for the opening ceremonies and the showing of arms. Erik showed up with the lovely Lidda, a veiled high-price courtesan from the Jade Spring, on his arm. Ser Gennady, who had been admiring the portraits of Lady Emma, became enraged when he saw Lidda with Erik. There were some words exchanged and Ser Gennady stomped off.

During the showing of arms, Erik got into a proverbial pissing contest with Ser Etan and Ser Adham. Nasty things were said. Ser Joris decided to carry the favor of Aranette, a young horse-faced girl that needs to be married off – the daughter of a drunken knight.

The archery competition commenced, which was won by young freckle-faced Anguy.

Gyles the Bard was told to sing his bawdy song about Lord Dannett at a moment of his own choosing.

Then everyone headed over to the keep for the welcoming feast. People were in their cups and giving toast after toast when Ser Adham stood up and made accusations of butchery against House Slayton. King Robert was not happy about this, but let both sides tell their story. In the end, Ser Adham threw his mailed gauntlet at Erik’s feet and challenged him to a duel. King Robert declared that the duel would be the first joust of the day on the morrow and would not end with a simple unhorsing of one man, but with one man yielding.



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