Erik Slaton

Tall, blonde, and handsome, Erik towers over most men, even in the North. His grey eyes crackle with energy when Erik is hunting, be it beast or woman. His left shoulder is covered in scar tissue, a reminder of the Direwolf Erik slew beneath the Wall.



Long Blade Fighter I (108)
Attractive (97)
Wealthy (116)

Nemesis: Lord Rayne, who is old, but can hire thugs and champions.


Mournflayer: Erik’s castle forged Greatsword
Cold Comfort: Erik’s castle forged Longsword


Midnight: Erik’s Palfrey
Cliffy: Erik’s Destrier


3 Agility
3 Animal Handling
3 Athletics: Strength + 2
3 Awareness
3 Cunning
2 Deception
4 Endurance: Stamina +1
2 Healing
3 Language: Common
2 Knowledge
2 Marksmanship
3 Persuasion: Intimidate +1, Seduce +1
4 Status
2 Stealth
2 Survival
2 Thievery
2 Warfare
3 Will: Courage + 1


Defense: 10, Composure: 9


Defense Chain, no shield: 6, Chain and shield: 8, Health 12


Rating Chain: 5 Penalty Chain -3


Erik Slayton’s Backstory

After Godrik Slayton, Erik’s older brother, was sent to the wall for a crime he did not commit, Erik took over House Slayton. When bandit attacks spiked, Erik charged off into the countryside with a group of warriors and beheaded a great many suspects. If a few innocents died, that’s the price one pays for order. One bandit, when begging for his life, admitted to being from Bear Island. Erik then threatened to invade Bear Island, and Lord Stark was none too pleased.

When the young lord Malachite returned from the North with the birthmark of the rock, Lord Stark replaced Erik with the young lord. Erik liked getting out of all the meetings, but didn’t care to lose face before his warriors and the smallfolk. He seeks to regain their admiration. Perhaps in battle, perhaps at tourney.

Erik is very tall and muscular, and moves with a sudden, powerful grace. His long blonde hair his held back with a leather headband or tied in braids in the style of the Wildings. Although Erik’s shoulder is scared, his face is flawless. His attention can set a maiden’s heart racing, and he knows it.

He likes women, battle, women, drink, and women. He should have been married long ago, and most people consider his bachelorhood somewhere between a disgrace and a dirty joke.

In battle he fights like a demon with the two handed sword Mournflayer. If he feels fear, he hides it well. A madman’s grin is the last thing his enemies see before Mournflayer cuts them in two.

Knights are rare in the north, and Erik has never been knighted. He feels superior to these fancy knights of the south, and would like to prove himself against them. Already wealthy, he does not seek a title, but the acclaim of the crowd, that’s another kettle of fish.

Erik Slaton

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