The Fox Knight *DECEASED*

aka Lord Clayton Archay


The last surviving member of House Archay. He fought for the Targaryen’s during Robert’s Rebellion and refused to accept King Robert’s generous pardon to subjects willing to bend the knee to their new king. Instead, Archay fled into the countryside and took up arms.

The Fox Knight seems to have been behind a plot to frame House Slayton for the murder of 15 House Dannett farmers and their families.

He was defeated in battle by Bryan Telson, Erik Slayon and Gregor Snow during an encounter in the kingswood. He was slain when Orten Lugus slit his throat after The Fox Knight insulted his father, Lord Konrad Lugus. Ser Joris claimed that The Fox Knight was an old nemesis of his although The Fox Knight seemed to have no idea who the old drunk was when he lunged at him in the kingswood.


The Fox Knight *DECEASED*

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